Positive Directions N.E is a Community Interest Company (CIC) with charitable aims and objectives.

Positive Directions N.E staff and directors have a blend of personal and professional backgrounds and they are a bridge between First Point Training and Positive Directions N.E.

A key focus for the work of Positive Directions N.E is to recognise and embrace the value of lived experience and to provide opportunities for those who have successfully completed the First Point Training programme Positive 4 People.

Positive Directions N.E offers skills development opportunities to participants including painting and decorating, gardening, tree surgery, joinery, fencing, stonewalling and crafts.

Positive Directions N.E will employ those who wish to develop further by learning a practical skill/trade.  They will pay a living wage, will offer wrap around ongoing support, therapy and will offer encouragement. Support is available 24/7 to these individuals.

Find out more at http://positivedirectionsne.co.uk/