Introducing Our Distance Learning Solutions

Highfield have created a 3 step approach to support our centres to teach and qualify learners at home or remotely anywhere in the world.

  • e-Learning
  • e-Assessment

  • Remote Invigilation

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Our Qualify at Home digital suite

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Combine aspects of our digital suite and support your candidates from start to finish through their distance learning courses. Order e-learning courses, schedule their assessment and ensure they are invigilated to regulated standards.

Mix and match our Qualify at Home digital solutions to match your requirements. Our flexible pricing allows you to select the most appropriate combinations for each candidate to fully support your learner and clients. For a full price list, contact our account managers today and get the right package for your learners.

Let us help you take the worry out of distance learning and keep your candidates and business on the front foot! Check our distance learning packages…

Place your order today and offer your learners and clients the solutions that will help see them through a testing time. Working from home does not mean learning stops.

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