Durham County Council

We are currently delivering contracts on behalf of Durham County Council to work with the most disadvantaged. We work with people who are trying to overcome barriers, and those with complex needs, we have excellent outcomes.

We are also delivering programmes for those aged 16-24 years who are described as NEET (not in employment, education or training). The people we are working with have all struggled to achieve at school and have dropped out, been excluded, offended or is at risk of offending.

On two occasions we have undertaken a monitoring inspection by the Local Authority where we have received an Outstanding award. This was a result of our delivery being observed by the quality team and benchmarked against Ofsted.

We have recently been accepted to be an Alternative Education Provider for Durham County Council. This provision is for those young people who are not able to attend formal education settings due to their complex needs.

Ministry of Justice

Education in Prison

First Point Training designed and funded the development of our Positive Impact programme to be delivered in prisons across the North East, to meet the changing needs of the prison regime and the increased footfall. Our focus was to engage and motivate people to access the provision that the Prison offers and increase applications for work opportunities in the establishment.

The programme was an accompanied audio and visual media display bespoke to the perceived needs of the prison establishment.  The session content was to be motivational, uplifting and informative with a pathway set out for people to sign for employment. The sessions are facilitated by 2 tutors.

To date over 4000 learners have attended the session with 99% stating on the evaluation that they thought it was excellent and they had made a positive change as a result.  These included behaviour change, engagement with the regime, affected substance abuse positively and managing their sentence and reducing reoffending.

Programme Design & Support

About the Course
The programme is the first step to help learners identify their own personal strengths and aspirations and will aid them to plan a progression route to gain meaningful employment.
This programme focuses on 4 key areas: Health and wellbeing, Community inclusion, Independent living and Employment.

Course Aims
To increase learners’ confidence, to building resilience, to maximise personal potential and develop personal coping strategies, increase self-esteem with a view to looking forward positively in their lives.
To empower learners to improve the quality of their lives and maximise their personal potential through building their emotional resilience, to make a positive impact on their mental health, social wellbeing, personal development and positive attitude, to equip them with skills to manage everyday life.

Is the course right for me?
This programme is designed to meet the needs of people who have complex needs.

What qualification will I receive?
This programme is written and owned by First Point Training Ltd and accredited by Highfield Awarding Body. On successful completion of this course learners will receive an accreditation and certificate from Highfield.

Where is the training?
We deliver all our training in communities across the North East. Our main training suite is in Meadowfield Industrial Estate in Durham.

How long will it take?
This course runs over 8 sessions – 28 guided learning hours.

What will it cost?
Priced on enquiry.

About the Course
Peer mentoring takes place between two or more people who have lived through similar life experiences. This means the mentor has a full understanding of the issues faced by the mentee. The job of peer mentors is to provide support, a helping hand, encouragement, and information to learners both during teaching sessions and outside the classroom. This programme has been created to fulfil the needs of organisations and the clients that First Point Training work within the community. It has also been identified for the need to provide training programs and support for those organisations that deal with a range of complex issues, to give an in-house support mechanism for future persons with complex needs.

The benefits of a peer mentor includes:
• 24hr support
• Good listener
• Positive role model
• Non-judgemental
• Empathy
• Can offer informed advice

What will I learn?
The three units cover a range of skills, knowledge and understanding of the role of the peer mentor. Learners will be able to prepare and understand the role of a mentor, and then demonstrate mentoring skills and techniques through observations by their assessors.
It also provides opportunities for successful learners to progress into mentor roles within the organisations they are associated with once they have completed the programme.

Is the course right for me?
This programme is aimed at persons who are recovering from drug and alcohol misuse, mental health issues and ex-offenders or those who have overcome barriers in their lives, with significant life experience, who have advice and guidance to pass on to those in similar situations.

What qualification will I receive?
On successful completion of this course you will receive an accredited qualification in Peer Mentoring through Highfield Awarding Body.

Where is the training?
We deliver all our training in communities across the North East. Our main training suite is in Meadowfield Industrial Estate in Durham.

How long will it take?
This course runs over 4 days – 9.30am – 4.00pm.

What is the cost?
£75.00 per person, per day.

Mental Health at Work

Drugs & Alcohol at Work

Support & Advice for Offenders and their families

Service Design